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4808 E Sprague Ave suite 205, Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Kickboxing in Spokane

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Discover Your Best Self

At Spokane’s Premier Kickboxing Academy!

Elevate your fitness game beyond the mundane with Grit’s Premier Kickboxing Classes. Guided by world-class instructors, step into a space where you can unleash your inner champion. Say goodbye to dull gym routines as you power through challenging exercises, striking heavy bags in the high-energy ambiance of our vibrant community.

Sign up for our Kickboxing Classes and experience a workout revolution that not only boosts your stamina but also fortifies your strength, accelerates weight loss, and empowers you with the confidence to face life’s unexpected twists. Ready to make a change? Visit our Spokane location or fill out the quick form below to learn more!

Unlock Your Potential Through Kickboxing!

Here at Grit, our mission revolves around setting you up for success. Tailored to fit every fitness level—from gym newbies hoping for an effective workout and weight loss, to professional athletes seeking peak performance—our Kickboxing Classes are the fast track to achieving your goals. Directed by seasoned coaches, we offer the specialized expertise and resources to help you excel.

Our kickboxing sessions blend elements of Muay Thai and MMA, offering you a transformative fitness experience that goes beyond conventional workouts. Feel the stress melt away as you discover newfound energy and self-assurance. We are committed to empowering each member of our community, helping you become the hero in your own life story.

Why Kickboxing at Grit?
  • Shed pounds through high-energy routines.
  • Melt work stress with every punch.
  • Elevate fighting skills to professional levels.
  • Boost metabolism and torch calories.
  • Master advanced techniques for competition.
  • Build resilience in a supportive community

From novices to fighters, our classes are designed for all skill levels. At Grit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai in Spokane, come for the intense training and stay for the amazing community to discover what all the hype is about.

Secure Your Spot in Spokane’s

Premier Kickboxing Program Today!

Take the first step toward transforming your fitness with just a click! Our top-notch facility and elite trainers are dedicated to elevating your wellness journey through kickboxing. Boost your energy, shed stress, and enhance your well-being with us. Conveniently located for residents of Spokane and surrounding areas, there’s no reason to wait!